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5236 East B Street, Tacoma, WA 98408 (Located to the rear of Westminster Presbyterian Church)

We are currently accepting registrations for the 2013-14 year!
Classes run October through May. Please click on "FAQs" at the left for more info.


About Wapato

Wapato Cooperative Preschool has been serving the families of South Tacoma since 1967, and we continue every year to expand our program to meet your needs. Situated just east of Pacific Avenue on the border between South and East Tacoma, Wapato nurtures children ages two to five during the vital and exciting pre-kindergarten years.

While the children and their development are the obvious focus of the school, Wapato could not function without the collaborative effort of three fundamental partners:

*OUR TEACHER. Teacher Becky Padilla is a favorite person in the life of each of the preschoolers. She organizes and oversees the classroom, communicates openly with parents, serves on the Board, and most importantly, she engages our kids in activities that awaken their curiosity and stimulate excitement about their community and world. She is the reason our kids love going to preschool week after week.

*OUR PARENTS. Parents are the lifeline of the preschool. Through regular classroom assistance, service on the Board, and through numerous volunteer opportunities throughout the year, our parents actively participate in the life of the school to support the school through fundraising efforts, field trips, fun class time, and more.

*OUR AFFILIATE. Wapato Cooperative Preschool is actually a parent education program affiliated with Bates Technical College. Under the Bates umbrella, we are able to offer you the opportunity to be intensely involved in your child's education in the early years while learning parenting and leadership skills for yourself.